Lamar Jackson Is So Damn Good That NFL GMs Fail To Understand It

The disgrace that has become the Lamar Jackson character and draft stock assassination and misrepresentation (especially if you let former Bills and Colts GM Bill Polian continue to sell you a raincoat in the Sahara) is taking on a different life everyday. Stuff like this happens which makes you wonder how some people get offended when we say the NFL Combine conjures slavery.

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Bill Polian on Lamar Jackson: “I think he’s a wide receiver and a dynamic wide receiver.” Us once again:

Polian is the guy who said Jackson would be better as a wide receiver and said he was too short to play quarterback in the NFL at nearly 6-foot-3. Jackson’s recent combine measurements dismissed that myth, but crazy talk is still in effect. Respected draft experts have Jackson plummeting out of the meaningful rounds.

When the NFL Combine hits, players start shooting up the draft board and some pretty dope college stars begin to slide down the board due to criticisms that are thrown into the media sea like bait by sharkhunters trying desperately to hook a thirsty narrative and spin it into a healthy media cycle. 

After electrifying football fans and racking up 4,132 rushing yards and 50 rushing scores in 38 games on the ground and a chunk of passing yards while winning the Heisman as a freshman, Jacksons value as a starting quarterback has plummeted as multiple NFL teams have requested for the dual-threat Louisville quarterback to work out as a wide receiver, in addition to working out as a QB. 

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Report: Multiple Teams Are Disrespecting Lamar Jackson by Asking Him to Work Out as a Wide Receiver via @curtisdmorton

Jackson hasn’t announced yet if he will work out as a wideout. He didnt catch a pass at Louisville and who would have ever fathomed a year ago that Jackson would be facing this oldschool dilema, but extreme criticism of Jackson on national networks and social media, citing his size and questionable accuracy, has some loopy analysts trying to justify why a supreme quarterback talent would switch to wide receiver. 

Its the same old stale, culturally-demeaning and offensive and racist take. Black quarterbacks with extreme athleticism have always been harshly criticized. Their ability to be a starters in the pros and their intellectual capacity for the position is analyzed with more scrutiny than their white counterparts. 

Most folks think its absurd that Jackson would even be asked to work out as a wide receiver. 

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Absolute joke. 2018 NFL combine: Multiple teams reportedly ask Lamar Jackson to do wide receiver tests via @CBSSports

Two-time Super Bowl winner Chris Long, a defensive end for the 2018 NFL World Champion Eagles, has always called BS on institutional and blatant racial oppression in the league and around the world. 

He thinks Jacksons entire situation is bogus.  

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Lamar has been more fun to watch than anyone in CFB and has a ridiculous ceiling. But he won the Heisman in 16, a finalist in 17 and people still swore he was the most hated on this year. EVERYONE ON THIS WEBSITE, INCLUDING MYSELF LOVES HIM.

NFL.coms Mike Mayock calls Jackson the most electrifying player in the draft.

The way the NFL is set up, wouldnt you want to have the most electrifying player in the league as your quarterback if he was capable? 

Its obvious that NFL GMs havent learned their lessons yet and cant shake the underlying racism that still plagues decisions about athletes of color made by predominately white males. DeShaun Watson, a proven, awesome powerhouse D-1 product with National Championship credibility was disrespected and Mitch Trubisky, an average white QB at best, was elevated to the top of the draft. Watson made the Bears and everyone except the Texans, look like fools

Jackson will have his chance eventually and I pray that he tells any team looking to draft him as a wide receiver to step off. 

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