Next Up: Sy Ari Da Kid

    Like many young artists in the new-age hip-hop game, Sy Ari Da Kid is ready to make his move.

    Though he’s already made a name for himself in Atlanta, putting on shows and attending events–like the one-year anniversary party for Stay at Fresh 2 Def on Cheshire Bridge this weekend–building his fan base, increasing his followers and getting those download numbers up for his label, Arrogant Music.

    That’s the main difference in the game today: There isn’t a traditional way of setting goals like getting publicity in a magazine or play from radio. As excessive consolidation in the fields created a limited window for a limited number of artists. It makes it a little difficult to measure when an artist has reached a certain level.

    But for Sy Ari this isn’t really a problem. It means he doesn’t have anyone to answer to when determining his success, and he doesn’t have anyone to cater to in order to get play or publicity. That allows him to really flex his different styles.

    “I have so many different lanes that I can go in, because I was born in New York, but I’ve lived in Atlanta for 19 years…Some people wanna hear me over the Southern beats or trap beats, some people want to hear me over the hip-hop sh*t,” said Sy Ari on the phone with TSL.

    But that just covers the basics, because Sy Ari is always trying to find new ways to connect with his fans.

    “I do a series called The Heartbreak Kid that I usually drop around Valentines Day, and I’m not saying it’s for the ladies but it’s like I’m directly talking to women. Or directing n*ggas how to operate with women, whether you’re with them or just trying to live the single life.”

    His unique perspective on many different topics separates Sy Ari from the pack. At a core level, Sy Ari wants his fans to relate to him through his honesty.

    “I know my true fans appreciate me because I tell the truth. And I don’t care what the beat is, it could be a whistle and two butterflies swinging their wings, no matter what it is I’m gonna be honest about the situation…Cuz when you admit certain things, that’s what they can relate to, and that's what I aim for. I don’t really care what type of music it is, I just tell the truth.”

    His next project, The Ultrasound 2: The Birth, should bring home that point. It’s a follow-up to his first solo-project, The Ultrasound: Da Kid, back when his name was just Da Kid. Da Kid was, in Sy Ari’s words, a “blunt, honest-ass trip” through his life. He raps about his flaws, ups and downs with his family, his evolving relationship with women and moving on from his old crew.

    Now that he’s been through so many changes, Da Kid is ready to be reborn.

    The Birth, to me, is about being 28-years-old but feeling like I’ve just been born. It’s like you grow up and you learn so many things, and now you feel like you finally understand life enough to truly live it.”

    He hopes to release The Birth at the end of February. After that Sy Ari wants to hit the road and go after new fans. That’s when he’s really at his best.

    “I try to perform something with a message that can grab the new listeners, because that’s how you grab new fans. People get so stuck in their ways with music that when you have them in front of you, you’ve gotta do something different to grab their attention.”

    Besides, it’s not like he needs help from the industry. Armed with a Twitter account, strong local management and support, plus 16 bars of the truth, Sy Ari is making his own lane in 2014.