New York Jets QB Zach Wilson’s Jersey Sales Soar As The Cougar Hunter Continues To Captivate Minds

Ahead of the NFL preseason, Zach Wilson mania has heated up as the New York Jets QB’s legendary status has hit new highs, and he’s only 22 years old.

What’s the most prominent indicator? His jersey sales have started to fly off the shelves as everyone wants a bit of Wilson’s mojo.

Zach Wilson jersey graph

A quick perusal of the Google Trends over the last week of July 8 through 15 shows interest in Zach Wilson jerseys skyrocketed, and it all is based on his new reputation. People in Utah and New Jersey were especially interested in the jersey because Wilson is from Utah and his team plays in New Jersey.

Also, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Ohio fans jumped on the Wilson bandwagon and started making the jerseys fly like bro’s into the DMs of Lisa Wilson, Zach’s mom.

It all started with the rumor surrounding his possible proclivity to date his mom’s friends. Yes, you read that right, Wilson the cougar hunter is now a thing, and the internet loves every minute of it.

So much so that his Mom has pleaded with Zach stans everywhere to leave her friends alone. The Wilson faithful have treated his still rumored dalliances with her friendship circle as gospel and began the hunt to seek and meet the gentry.

According to the traffic in searches for Zach Wilson’s jersey, per a graphic from betting websites, there has been a significant spike, and he has ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile to thank.

Speculation was high that Wilson and Gile broke up earlier this year after the two scrubbed their social media accounts of any evidence that they were ever together. Although no reason was initially given as to why they broke up, Gile was eventually linked with Dax Milne, a player on the Washington Commanders.

Addtionally, Wilson was spotted at a Yankees game with a famous TikTok model, but then things went south in the court of public opinion, mainly for Gile.

Last weekend, a photo posted to Instagram appeared to reveal that Wilson’s ex-girlfriend is now dating his former best friend and Brigham Young University roommate, Dax Milne. The two also no longer follow each other on Instagram, an excellent millennial-level indication that they are no longer friends.

Many took pause when they learned Gile went from Wilson to his then-friend Milne, and on a picture of the two on Instagram someone in the comments called Gile a “homie hopper.” However, she didn’t shy away from the criticism and took the opening as a reason to out Wilson and perhaps give a glimpse into why the two broke up.

Her reply sent the internet into a tither and created fantasies that would never have been awakened when Wilson’s ex-girlfriend claimed that the former No. 2 overall draft pick had hooked up with his “moms best friend.”

“He was sleeping with his mom’s best friend… that’s the real homie hopper,” Gile responded, and nothing was the same.

She has since deleted her Instagram profile but Wilson’s unconfirmed exploits have gone down in bro history.

Thus far, all Wilson has said about the subject is, “took the boys to @gozzerranchclub in Idaho before camp! Poor cell service…what I miss?”

Expect Jets tickets to soar like Wilson’s jerseys because the epicness is nowhere near stopping.

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