New Orleans Stickup: Taxpayers Took Big Hit For Superdome Renovations


Super Bowls – and stadiums in general – are supposed to bring cities large economic boosts. Evidence is mixed, and as a result, taxpayers and politicians are becoming less-inclined to pony up the money. Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank recently had to offer up an additional $160 million for a proposed new facility to replace the Georgia Dome as the city was hesitant to make up the difference.


Residents of New Orleans were not so fortunate in their financing for the Superdome. A report from shows Saints owner Tom Benson and the NFL may have used the threat of moving the Saints elsewhere to get the state to pay for renovations to the Superdome.


The state has already paid for over three times the original amount due for renovations following Hurricane Katrina, and has now paid and additional $85 million for “fresh improvements”.


“A lot of folks in New York made a ton of money,” former state Treasurer John Kennedy said. “Louisiana taxpayers didn't do so well.”


Louisiana has nothing on Florida, though. They're already on the hook for the Marlins' new digs and may be lured into paying for a new home for the Dolphins as well.

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