New Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Accusation

For today’s rendition of “You gotta be flippin’ kidding me” we bring you 36-year-old James Safechuck.  For those that don’t remember, Safechuck appeared alongside Michael Jackson in the late King of Pop’s Pepsi commercial in 1987.  In the commercial, Safechuck is the fan who snuck into the dressing room of Michael Jackson and tried on his signature white glove and hat.  Afterwards, the two became friends and Mijac had Safechuck stay at Neverland Ranch on multiple occasions and even allowed the then young man out on stage to dance alongside him during the Bad World Tour finale. 

Well, Safechuck, who had previously said that Jackson did not do anything inappropriate to him, is now adding his name to a May 2013 suit filed by 31-year-old Wade Robson, who claimed Michael Jackson abused him at Neverland Ranch for several years beginning when he was 7-years-old.

According to the Daily Beast, both Safechuck and Robson denied that anything inappropriate had happened to them while staying with Jackson, but Safechuck came forward after intensive therapy.

An attorney for the Jackson estate said in a statement to the Daily News that the latest suit was a fabrication made up in a desperate money grab.

"Twenty five years after the fact and five years after Michael Jackson passed away Mr. Safechuck — who has many times over the years denied Michael Jackson did anything inappropriate to him — is now demanding money from Michael’s Estate by claiming he suddenly recalls life differently," Howard Weitzman wrote. "His new story is that Wade Robson's nearly identical lawsuit filed a year ago by the same attorney caused him to now recall certain events. Of course, Michael is not here to defend himself. Nonetheless, we believe these false and scurrilous allegations will not prevail."

This accusation comes one day after the release of Michael Jackson second posthumous Xscape.  That’s a heck of a coincidence, huh?



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