“Never Give Up, It Don’t Matter”| Miami’s Own DJ Khaled Airballs Shot, Sending Message Of Hope To Atlanta Hawks?

In the world of sports, you always have rappers who wanted to ball in their former lives and ballers who still want to rap in their current life. It’s nothing to see rappers and entertainers sitting front row at NBA games. It’s become a part of the celebrity culture. 

The stars especially come out in the playoffs when the games are magnified, and the stakes are higher. Grammy-winning mega-producer DJ Khaled has been a mainstay at Miami Heat games for years.

At the height of the “Heatles,” (LeBron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh) era, Khaled could be seen front row enjoying his favorite NBA team regularly. With the Miami Heat being the Eastern Conference’s No. 1 seed in the playoffs this season, the “We The Best” creator is right back in front of the action.

He may run Miami on the music tip, but he doesn’t have the arena on lockdown like Drake does in Toronto. And even Drake has to be told to calm down and stay out of the action every now and then. 

At halftime, Khaled decided to step on the floor to take a shot. While he airballed the three-pointer what happened next was even funnier. Prior to hoisting one up, arena security actually came over to stop Khaled from getting the shot off like a defender closing on a shooter, but to no avail.


They did, however, escort him to his court side seat pretty swiftly following the attempted shot. But Khaled is one who’s never lacked confidence, as evidenced by his riding around shirtless despite not possessing the most svelte physique. His relentlessness and confidence extends beyond the studio and onto the NBA courts. In fact, he had the same thing happen to him at the All-Star Game in February.

Khaled offered these words of advice following that failed attempt. 

“Never give up, it don’t matter.”

He did manage to hit one bucket.

Khaled Is Usually Front Row With Miami Native Rick Ross

While Khaled seemed to be solo on Sunday’s trip to American Airlines Arena, that’s very rare. He’s usually accompanied by fellow mega rapper/producer, Rick Ross. The two have become close friends and have had many music and business ventures together in the past, including numerous music videos filmed near the arena. Like “Money To Blow” featuring Drake and Lil’ Wayne, and “I’m On One,” also featuring the aforementioned “Drizzy” and “Weezy.”

In a recent interview of Uninterrupted’s “The Shop,” Ross was asked about playing Khaled in a game of one-on-one. His reply was short and to the point.

“I’d do him dirty.”

Who knows how efficient Ross is with the pill? But one would assume he’s got to be better than Khaled, who’s yet to touch net.  


Khaled Tried To Buy Stake In Miami Heat In 2016

With Jay-Z once owning a stake in the Nets, Usher owning a stake in the Cavaliers, and Nelly owning a stake in the Charlotte Hornets, Khaled was hoping to buy a stake in the Miami Heat in 2016. According to TMZ, here’s what the loquacious Khaled had to say in regard to his attempted purchase.

 “I would love to talk to the Heat to see if they’d let me be an owner — even if it’s one percent. Either way I’m there representing courtside. And if I’m out of town, I’m representing. I bleed Miami. It’s Miami Heat for life. It’s Miami everything.”


While that never came to fruition then, it could in the future.

Heat owner Mickey Arison purchased the South Beach franchise in 1995 for $68 million. Arison also owns Carnival cruise line, the world’s largest cruise operator. The South Beach based company has over 100 ships operating under its brand.

While Arison is loaded, the pandemic really hurt the cruise business, so who knows? Maybe Khaled, who has a reputed net worth of $75 million, has the assets and capital needed to join the ownership group. Until then, you can continue to see him courtside cheering on his team and shooting airballs when permitted.

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