Ne-Yo Reveals How Baldness Affected Self-Confidence

When we hear pop stars on the radio or see them on stage it’s very easy to imagine that they’re in possession of some superhuman level of confidence that allows them to step up and perform amid circumstances that would send most of us shrieking in fear.

Not only has Ne-Yo’s talents as a singer/songwriter/dancer allowed him to ascend to star status they’ve also translated well to television and film. However, Ne-Yo recently revealed how he has overcome a decades old phobia during a press conference for the upcoming NBC talent competition World of Dance.

“This a new thing for me, the no-hat Ne-Yo said. “This is a really big thing for me. My hair started thinning when I was like 11, 12, 13-years-old. So, I’m still in school and we all know just how difficult and mean as hell school kids can be. “I was actually the kid in school who was allowed to wear a hat because I got picked on so much about it. It was such a big deal. From high school on through the hat kinda became a part of my face. I felt naked without my hat. It was a major, major insecurity for me for a long time.”

“I finally said ‘Let me send a message to the world while at the same time sending a message to myself.’ That message being that its alright to just be you.”

World of Dance premieres on NBC May 30th. Check local listings for times.

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