NCAA Tourney Flashback: C-Webb’s Infamous Timeout

April 5, 1993 – North Carolina won the NCAA Tournament, but the lasting image that will forever be remembered is Chris Webber's miscue. UNC led 73-71 when Webber, Michigan's All-American sophomore forward, rebounded Pat Sullivan's missed free throw with 19 seconds left. Webber would travel, but no referee called it. Given a second chance, he hurriedly dribbled across midcourt, stopping in front of Michigan's bench. Next he would make the colossal mistake and signal for a timeout with 11 seconds remaining. The reason it was a mistake? The Wolverines were out of timeouts.

Donald Williams would go on to hit two free throws after the technical and another two after a foul, wrapping up the Tar Heels' 77-71 victory in the Superdome in New Orleans. After the game, Webber, who scored 23 points and had 11 rebounds, sat dejected and thoroughly miserable in the locker room. "I just called the timeout and that probably cost us the game," he said.




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