NCAA National Semifinals In Tweets

I’m not sure if these games were indicative of what Dr. James Naismith had in mind when he created the game of basketball. However, they did provide lots of drama. Wichita St showed they belonged even in defeat and Louisville showed why at end, they were the consensus favorite to win the title. Michigan nearly blew their game and fortunately for them Syracuse couldn’t take it away.

If the Final Four is supposed to represent college basketball at its highest level, we’re in trouble. Hopefully the championship game on Monday will be better. Either way your tweets were awesome as always and here are some of the best. 


We clearly know you’ve been there now.

They’re terrible.

Everybody would get canned.

How did you know?

He’s a bad man.

I got five on it.

Tough break.

That would work if it were 2001.

You might be right.

This was good to see.

They come out of it as often as you don’t run triangle.

Pettiest rivalry ever.

Slow down, my friend.

So you don’t enjoy extended commercial breaks?

You almost ginxed it!

You can bet the bank on that one.

That’s how it goes.

I see what you did there.

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