NBA Legend Vince Carter: “I Think This Is My Last Year Playing”

Vinsanity may have finally ran its course. 

In an NBA conference call discussing his broadcasting role as a game analyst in the upcoming Jr. NBA World Championship, Vince Carter aka Lord of all bunnies aka the Toronto dunk gawd hinted that his upcoming 21st season with the Atlanta Hawks might be his last.

“I honestly, I mean, I say it’s my last year, I fight with it every day,” Vince said.

“My friends, family, and associates they’re all like ‘you don’t really know.’ I honestly sometimes don’t think I know. I think this is my last year playing. I feel great but sometimes you just know when it’s time. But if you asked me this probably last month, I was like ‘nah man I can give it another year, I know I can,’ I’m pretty much 90 something percent sure.”

Vince Carter Extends 21 Year Career In Deal With The Hawks

Vince Carter has been dunking on people for basically ever, but he’s been doing it on the NBA hardwood for 20 years. Last night, he decided to make it 21. Yes, the ageless, still high flying Carter has decided to lace up his sneakers for a twenty-first year, signing a one year, $2.4 million deal with the Atlanta Hawks.

A sure fire 1st ballot NBA Hall Of Famer, if this is Carter’s final season it would be the end to one of the most decorated careers in league history. But, we will have to wait until the season ends to truly see if this will be his last one. 

“But, I’m going to go through this year and once the season is over, kind of where I make my decision. I refuse to kind of make a decision like that, or worry about something like that during the season. The ultimate goal for me throughout the season obviously is playing my best basketball and making sure I can help this team win as many games as possible. So once this season is over, I’ll take some time and decide,” Vince said.

Vince Carter Ranks His Top 10 Career NBA Dunks!

As we celebrate Vince Carter’s 41st birthday, listen in as he ranks the 10 best slam dunks of his career! Subscribe to the NBA: For news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at Get NBA LEAGUE PASS:

From putting the Toronto Raptors (and Canada basically) on his back to redefining the NBA Slam Dunk contest, and that time he jumped over a grown ass man in the 2000 Olympics (Dunk Of Death), let’s appreciate the living legend while he’s still on the court. 

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