NBA’s $50k Fine Is Monopoly Money In Aftermath Of Anthony Davis’ Power Move

Rich Paul and Davis knew their news was well worth the fine.

The walls of arenas across the country shook on Monday when Anthony Davis’ agent, Rich Paul, announced that the Pelicans’ star player had requested a trade.

Media talking heads across every channel began dissecting the news, speculating what would happen next. Would he head to LA to pair with LeBron? Would he end up with Kyrie in Boston? Would the Knicks make another bad trade and sink further into the abyss? No one knows for sure right now.

But one thing is certain- AD and Rich Paul has sent the NBA spectrum into a frenzy.

The NBA responded by fining Davis $50,000 for violating the CBA.

Yes, the League took action and hit Davis with the fine for Rich’s actions. But don’t think for a minute that Paul and Davis didn’t expect this to be a result. As a matter of fact, it’s safe to assume that they didn’t even sweat it due to two reasons.

One, it’s less than he makes per quarter in a regular season game (based upon his salary this season of $25,434,263). Two, and most importantly, is the fact that the impact and aftermath of Davis’ trade request was worth much more than a fine.

In the League’s statement announcing the fine, the NBA stated Paul had violated “a collectively bargained rule prohibiting players or their representatives from making public trade demands.” The release continued, stating “Paul’s comments were an “intentional effort to undermine the contractual relationship between Davis and the Pelicans.”

But at the end of the day, Paul and Davis accomplished what they set out to do.

All the rest of us can do is wait and watch anxiously.

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