NBA 2K19 Review: Members Of 2K Gaming Community Sound Off

NBA 2K19 is the best game in the franchise’s history. This is perfect timing considering LeBron James is the face of the 20th-anniversary edition.

After playing the game for ourselves and engaging with the members of the 2K gaming community, here are some noteworthy aspects:

1) The Prelude/MyCareer: With various cutscenes and a well-written storyline, The Prelude really draws players into A.I.’s journey. As you work your way up to the NBA by playing seasons in China and in the NBA G-League, gamers encounter turning points, romance, and even teammate betrayal. This was an enticing storyline and the most ambitious to date for the series, but I wish it was longer. It’s a bit too short.  I know gamers just want to get into playing but, highlighting what NBA players go through off the court, will never hurt the overall presentation.  

2) Graphics/Gamplay: Everything from the faces, tattoos and even bald spots are super detailed. The game’s graphics show tremendous progress on appearances compared to the past few years. Regarding gameplay, one noticeable improvement was the fluidity of motion when players are moving on and off the court. So much better when it comes to running, picks, shooting and etc.

3) NBA 2K19 to NBA 2K League: In my opinion, all of the new features in 2K19 will lead to an easier transition for players into the NBA 2K League. According to Famous Enough, NBA 2K League head coach for Heat Check Gaming, this is possible. Aside from minor tweaks, this game will help to weed out the pool of competitors making the competition more challenging. Check out what other members of the 2K gaming community said below. 

Derric Franklin on Twitter

@erinasimon @NateKahl @MelEast2k The shooting is easier. This is one of the toughest 2K’s on release but that just means the league build will be even tougher.

Derric Franklin on Twitter

@erinasimon @NateKahl @MelEast2k Definitely. I feel like its getting closer to the league build but not quite there yet. Transition will be better

Derric Franklin on Twitter

Yall still tryna play this 2K like past 2K’s and mad you’re not getting the same results. Minor tweaks need to happen but shooting and shot contests aren’t the tweaks.

Ahmed Kasana on Twitter

@youFamousEnough @erinasimon @NateKahl Agreed famous, few minor fixes and this will hands down be the best 2k ever

Overall, the gaming experience is better and more solid compared to previous 2K games. Once these tweaks are set, this game will be the best NBA 2K game in franchise history.

For more take a look at our Grass Routes partnered review video below:

NBA 2K19 Gameplay First Impressions | Grass Routes Podcast

Grass Routes Podcast hosts Brandon killabh Hall and Erin Ashley Simon sat down to give their initial impressions and thoughts on the new NBA 2K19 video game. The fans asked for us to jump into video game coverage and convos, so here is the first one! Do you like the new game?!

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