NBA 2K League: Dat Boy Shotz Becomes The Expansion Draft’s No.1 Pick

The NBA 2K League held its first expansion draft Wednesday night at the NBA office in Secaucus, NJ.

The league’s four expansion teams, Hawks Talon GC, NetsGC, Lakers Gaming and T-Wolves Gaming, each selected two players from a pool of 68 players who previously participated in the inaugural season.

With the first pick, the Hawks Talon GC selected Connor “Dat Boy Shotz” Rodrigues, who spent his first season in Portland with Blazer5 Gaming.

Here’s the complete list of round-by-round selections during the two-round snake draft:

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THE RESULTS ARE IN All 8 selections from the #NBA2KLeague Expansion Draft!

First Round

1. Hawks Talon GC selected Connor “Dat Boy Shotz” Rodrigues (Previously on Blazer5 Gaming)

2. NetsGC selected Nate “NateKahl” Kahl (Previously on Knicks Gaming

3. T-Wolves Gaming selected Tim “oLARRY” Anselimo (Previously on Bucks Gaming and was injured in Madden Tournament Shooting)

4. Lakers Gaming selected Mitchell “Mootyy” Franklin (Previously on Kings Guard Gaming)


Second Round

5. Lakers Gaming selected Chris “Kontrul” Cantrell (Previously on Magic Gaming)

6. T-Wolves Gaming selected Mihad “I F E A S T” Feratovic (Previously on 76ers GC)

7. NetsGC selected Moshood “Shockey” Balogun Jr. (Previously on Pacers Gaming)

8. Hawks Talon GC selected Devon “ARS0NAL x” Peek (Previously on Celtics Crossover Gaming)

Now that the expansion draft is done, the first NBA 2K League trade window will be open for two weeks (September 27 – October 10). During this period, teams will be allowed a total of two trades and only players and 2019 draft picks can be traded. Trade approval beings at 10am ET on Thursday.

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