UFC Cannabis Advocate Nate Diaz Keeps It Real During His USADA Drug Testing By Smoking Weed And Inviting Organization To His Genitals

Nate Diaz is sticking to his stance as the UFC’s primary cannabis advocate and resident provocateur during a random drug testing session with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

Diaz was in the anti-doping pool before his next fight against Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 279. When a sample collector arrived to collect urine for a sample, he took the opportunity to light up his favorite recreational plant.

“This man won’t get out of my house because I didn’t give him enough piss,” Diaz said. “I pissed all I can, my n****. How many liters do I do? I’ve got two more liters of piss I’ve got to give him, and he won’t get out of here until [then]. DK is my guy, but USADA can f*****g suck a d**k. Come back in six hours; I’ll give you two more. Sorry DK.”

Then Diaz offered the sample collector the dream opportunity of many fight fans that are also smokers, the chance to burn one with one of the two Diaz brothers.

“Wanna hit that?” Diaz said, offering a lit joint to the USADA sample collector. He promptly declined the offer.

Last year, during the press conference for UFC 263 for Diaz’s fight against now champion Leon Edwards at Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona, Diaz lit up while on the stage. Through the shock, awe, and praise Diaz received for the action, he was utterly legal from an athletic standpoint.

For the 2021 event, UFC VP of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky confirmed that the Arizona State Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Commission would adopt rules for cannabis from the UFC’s anti-doping program.

“Great working with AZ Commission, who are adopting our testing program/rules for this weekend. Only issue with marijuana (THC) for Saturday’s fights is don’t show up impaired or under the influence. How it should be!”

Nate and his older brother Nick Diaz have been on the front lines of cannabis acceptance as a pain reliever for fighters. The UFC and USADA announced changes to the anti-doping policy where fighters would not face punishment for cannabis usage unless under specific circumstances of impairment during a fight.

Back in 2015, Nick Diaz was fined $165,000 and suspended for five years by the Nevada State Athletic Commission because of numerous failed drug tests that were positive for cannabis. He was very vocal about his commitment to the plant and defiant in the face of its then-illegality in sports.

“I wanted to just get up and tell them all like, ‘Look, you guys are way the f**k out of line. You guys have been trying to hold me down from day one,'” Diaz said to Fox Sports back in 2015.

“That’s pretty much this whole sport has been trying to keep me from where I belong, and that’s the No. 1 position. I’m the biggest draw. I’m the best fighter. I’ve been fighting for longer. I’ve been throwing more punches than everybody in the sport. I’m going to dodge more punches than everyone in this sport. And that’s the bottom line. That’s what’s really going on. We got a whole system trying to hold me down.”

Now his younger brother can smoke weed while getting drug sampled; that’s an actual 180 moment.

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