More Bands Needed To Make Her Dance

The bands that make her dance might now be 8% short.

On Tuesday, the New York State Court of Appeals ruled that strip clubs are no longer exempt from a sales tax reserved for dramatic or musical arts.

In a 4-to-3 decision, the State Court of Appeals ruled against an Albany-area strip club over whether the club’s $11 cover charge and $20 lap dances are subject to an 8% sales tax. The dispute centered on whether dances at Nite Moves in Latham, N.Y., are “dramatic or musical art performances” akin to Broadway musicals, which are exempt from state sales taxes.

Lap dances, too?! How the hell are you supposed to negotiate a sales tax? Do you have to carry around change? Is James Harden gonna make it hail?

Nite Moves, the specific club in question, argues that the government violated its constitutional rights by acting as a dance critic and hopes to appeal in federal court.

Clearly, the judges haven't been to Uncle Harry's in Savannah. Performance art if I've ever seen it.

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