Mo Couch Sent To The Bench Following Alleged NCAA Violations

In the wake of the Oklahoma State allegations from SI, you may have missed some other reporting from Yahoo Sports that may actually lead to someone getting in trouble (let's just not go down the road of the stupidity of the rules for now). 

Mo Couch, a highly touted defensive tackle for the Tennessee Vols, was declared ineligible by the school for their game against Oregon on Saturday, all but eliminating their chances of winning (Les Miles could take note). Couch is accused of taking money while playing for Tennessee. Former QB Tyler Bray was also implicated on at least six payments from a carrier during the summer of 2012. 


“Right now our compliance group is currently in the process of working through all the details and logistics of the situation,” Jones said in an interview with Nashville radio station 104.5 FM. That’s all we kind of know right now, but as of right now moving forward, he will not make the trip to Oregon.”

Couch may prove to be one of the last victims of an NCAA rule largely viewed as outdated or overreaching in the moneyball era. Though there aren't any indications the NCAA is moving to change rules involving money, the mass shoulder-shrug given to all the recent allegations is a bad sign for the NCAA. The public is ready for something to inspire them, rather than look at college football as a corrupt cesspool. The NCAA will either become that inspiration again, or get out.