Milwaukee Bucks Anti-Cop Brutality Statement Is History In The Making

The release of a video from police body cam has been released. And, as had been alluded to by many prior to its reveal, it is quite disturbing.  The ongoing police brutality largely aimed at black people in America, like the issue of Second Amendment Rights in the aftermath of school shootings, is one that appears to have no end in sight. Some would even argue it is intensifying under the current presidential administration.

Body Worn Camera Video Release of Sterling Brown Arrest

Milwaukee Police release body-worn camera video of arrest of Sterling Brown on January 26, 2018.

The recent assault visited upon Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown has prompted all sorts of statements and opinion pieces, but these recent efforts are but a thimble of water tasked to empty the Great Lakes.  However, thanks to a change of attitude among many athletes over the past five years, some professional sports franchises are supporting social justice efforts. 

The National Football League recently passed a rule change that would require all team personnel on the field to stand during the national anthem. In its wording, the NFL was certain to mention that it was a matter of respect to stand for the flag. Yet, police brutality is all about disrespect for human life. 

Though this statement appears rather norm for this day and age, it’s actual history in the making.  Just ten years ago such an overture would have been unheard of.

The Shadow League on Twitter

The Bucks have issued their official statement on the tasing of Sterling Brown

These sorts of incidents, ones in which police officers act on their own apparent prejudices, rarely result in any prosecution for the offending constable.  Sometimes it seems like our cries of disdain can act as individual components for true justice.  

But what this situation should also do is act as a warning to those fly-guy, carefree black athletes who feel as if their celebrity status is akin to virtual whiteness. You’re never too big for racial discrimination. It is also of note that no prominent NBA player or NBA official has gone on record regarding this incident. Understandably, it’s playoff time in the NBA, but everybody ain’t in the playoffs.  Perhaps they’re waiting for all the details, but the video of the incident was quite conclusive. 

It’s another situation in which some black athletes appear to have the need for permission to be offended when we all should instantly be dismayed at these happenings. 

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