Mike McQueary Was Reportedly Abused As A Boy

In the two and a half years since Mike McQueary's revelation about witnessing Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing a minor in the locker room shower went public, Penn State's former recruiting coordinator has disappeared from the spotlight and is no longer involved with football in any capacity. Today, he’s unemployed and living at home with his parents in Florida.

However, in a story set to be published in ESPN The Magazine, McQueary allegedly told Penn State football players in 2011 during a closed-door meeting that he had also been sexually abused as a boy, but never states the name of his abuser or when it had occurred. 

McQueary, who is also filing a $4 million dollar whistleblower lawsuit for lost wages as a result of his testimony against Sandusky and at the preliminary hearing for former athletic director Tom Curley and vice president Gary Schultz. McQueary is also expected to testify against Curley and Schultz, but defense lawyers will likely target McQueary's gambling problems which began while he was betting on Penn State games as a backup Nittany Lions quarterback.

The football program has begun its healing and Joe Paterno’s history has been whitewashed from the campus, but this whole sordid Penn State saga has left dozens of reputations and lives damaged in its wake.


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