Mike Francesa Is Shawked Socca Players Can Kick Wit Bofe Legs

Long-time WFAN host Mike Francesa might be the foremost authority in New York broadcasting for sports, but there's a gaping hole in his expertise the size of a football orb.

While chatting with St. John's soccer coach Dave Masur on his show Tuesday, Francesa asked a fairly humiliating question that exposed him for the greenhorn aficionado of the beautiful game that he is.

During the interview, Francesa asked if soccer players kicked with both legs. It's not clear if he thought it was a rules violation or not, but nonetheless it was an enlightening moment in his 60th year of human existence. 

"Are there guys that kick with both legs?" Francesa bellowed into his mic. 

Once Masur assured him it was vital for soccer players to be adroit with handling a soccer ball with both legs, an astonished and stunned Francesa proceeded to ask the same question over and over just to be sure he'd heard him correctly. You can literally hear the pin being pulled from his mental grenade as Francesa's mind explodes with the possibilities. 

Naturally, Twitter noticed and pounced on Francesa, like the WFAN host himself would on an unsuspecting caller expressing educated opinions about soccer's growth potential in "da Hugh Essay". (USA).

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