Michigan’s Jordan Poole Had Fans So Hyped They Gave Jordan Peele Props

On Saturday night, Michigan Wolverines’ freshman Jordan Poole because a March Madness legend when he drained a buzzer beating three-pointer to beat the Houston Cougars.

The Shadow League on Twitter

MICHIGAN IS GOING TO THE SWEET 16! https://t.co/3KnkKjFkbn

The arena erupted as Poole ran across the floor, chased by his teammates who were just as gassed at the improbable shot he has just made. In response, Twitter was just as amped up and they started tweeting everything you could imagine. But some were so gassed up that they congratulated the Oscar winning creator of “Get Out,” Jordan Peele.

Peele, the comedic genius that he is, was more than happy to accept more accolades to complement his numerous awards for “Get Out.”

Jordan Peele on Twitter

I wanna thank everyone for the congratulatory messages. When you practice your jump shot as much as I have, you just hope one day it’ll pay off.

Jordan Poole was just as excited to see Jordan Peele jump into the mix.

Jordan Poole on Twitter

Lol congrats on the oscar big man!!! Much deserved! Huge fan of key and peele and get out was @JordanPeele https://t.co/onjbyfSo5O

These “Jordans” keep winning. 

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