Michelle Obama Shows Comedy Chops Next to Fallon and Ferrell

    First Lady of the United States, aka Twitter handle FLOTUS Michelle Obama, proved to the world that she is every woman -well spoken, fit, confident and best of all, funny! She showed off her comedic chops and timing last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, joining him and Will Ferrell in a comical skit called, “Ew.”

     Of course something presidential related wouldn’t be high profile if it didn’t come with hate. And folks are already turning their noses up to Michelle’s appearance, claiming she’s “trying” to be a TV star. That she’s disrespecting the First Lady title by making appearances similar to the one on Fallon last night. But last we checked, FLOTUS is one of the most popular faces and names seen on TV and media in America and the world as a whole. And if appealing to the public, showing a lighthearted side so they can better hear and grasp her campaign toward healthy eating and wellness, then so be it.

    Note to Republican Geniuses: She’s already a TV star. Duh!

    Check out the “Ew” Skit Below…