Michelle Obama’s Musical Carpool 

First Lady, Michelle Obama, will always be remembered for her graceful presence and down to earth demeanor. Recently, she and The Late Show’s James Corden went on a musical joy ride, and a special guest popped up to join in, Missy Elliot!

FLOUTS rode down the highways singing hits like Signed, Sealed, Delivered Im Yours, by Stevie Wonder & Beyonces Single Ladies, and the First Lady even throws in a timely Lemonade reference.

When Corden started playing This Is for My Girls, which was released earlier this year by Michelle Obama and features a verse by Missy Elliot, the Hip Hop icon pops up in the back seat just in time to for her verse. To top it all off, any Carpool Karaoke featuring Missy wouldnt be the right without everyone rapping Get Ur Freak On

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