Miami Reestablish Their Dominance In Game 3

The Miami Heat flat-out dominated every aspect of the game of basketball during their 70-point opening half in Game 3 against the Pacers, putting themselves out of reach early to reassert themselves as the favorite in the series. Indiana managed to close the gap to five points during the third quarter, but their 11-2 run wasn't nearly enough to knock Miami out of rhythm.

In fact, there probably wasn't anything Indiana could have done tonight, as coach Frank Vogel essentially admitted after the game, saying, "If you're not perfect guarding them, they'll do what they did to us tonight." 

With that being said, it's safe to wonder whether this series is over if the Pacers have to play perfect defense to have a chance. They've already won a game and came within a LeBron James layup of winning another. How many times can they come close to perfection? 

We'll find out as the series goes on, but it seems unlikely the Pacers will be able to match their effort from the first two games moving forward. Perhaps an offseason of steaming and reminiscing will do something to prepare the young Pacers for the playoff grind next season.

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