Mayweather-Canelo Pressers Will Be Open To The Public

Floyd Mayweather promised he'd vamp his press conferences up during his monster six-fight deal with Showtime. That initially meant additional coverage on major networks, taking questions from fans and streaming the pressers online.

For his upcoming September 14th fight against Canelo Alvarez, he's letting fans come to the madness in the 11 city, two-country tour to hype up the event. It isn't clear how they plan to set these events up or what fan participation might be like, but it's possible they will borrow WWE-style tactics. 

Times and venues haven't been announced just yet, but here are the dates and cities. 

Monday, June 24 – New York City

Tuesday, June 25 – Washington, DC

Wednesday, June 26 – Grand Rapids (AM)/Chicago (PM)

Thursday, June 27 – Atlanta

Friday, June 28 – Miami

Sunday, June 30 – Mexico City

Monday, July 1 – San Antonio (AM)/Houston (PM)

Tuesday, July 2 – Phoenix (AM)/Los Angeles (PM)

(h/t: SweetScience)

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