Mark Zuckerberg Thinks He’s The Real Slim Shady, So Eminem Is Suing Him

Mark Zuckerberg hasn't been hiding the fact that he's a big fan of Eminem – in fact, Gizmodo recently found an early website of his in which the “About Me” section declares the site is written by Slim Shady.

But Slim isn't feeling the love from Zuckerberg, and is suing Facebook's founder for their latest ad . The suit, filed by Eight Mile Style, accuses the marketing agency W+K of using a “substantially similar” track to Em's “Under The Influence” for background music on their advertisement.

It also states that Facebook then changed the music shortly after the initial release, a sign Eight Mile Style says indicates they were aware of the similarities.

Zuckerberg's defense hasn't done much to defend themselves thus far. Though they have yet to comment, their legal response stated that “Under The Influence” was stolen from Michael Jackson anyway, and attacked Dr. Dre who wasn't involved in the production of the song at all.

Shady has a reputation for settling these offenses, and has already cashed in twice – once with Apple – so Zuckerberg and co. may be in trouble.

Here are the tracks below, with the altered version of Facebook's ad. What do you think? Time to pay up?


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