Marcus Smart Decides To Kick It On Campus For Another Season

The 2013 Draft is so shallow, that Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart rose above the field, despite a first round tournament exit and underwhelming offensive production. Smart is similar to a young Derrick Rose, but didn't resonate or make quite the same impact this season. Because of the paucity of promising prospects in the upcoming draft, Smart is projected as the second overall pick. Or he was.


Smart, a second-team All-American, was projected to be a top five pick had he made himself eligible for the NBA Draft. The school scheduled a press conference for Thursday when Smart will announce his plans for the future.

Smart was the Big 12′s player and freshman of the year this past season, when he averaged 15.4 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game for the Cowboys.

Smart shot just 29 percent from behind the arc last season, but was extremely pestering on defense. In his sophomore campaign, Smart will have to capitalize on his potential on the court. Ultimately, rookie contracts aren’t where the big money is. If he wants to get truly paid in the NBA, he’ll have to prove himself at some point. It just won’t be next season. 

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