Mainstream Companies Are Finally Catching Up On The Podcast Wave

Mainstream media have finally caught on to the podcasting wave, a ride they should’ve been on a long time ago.

In the last few years, podcasts have gained great popularity and momentum amongst listeners and advertisers. Almost 20% of U.S. adults ages 18 to 49 listen to podcasts at least once a month, according to a report from comScore and audio network Wondery. Edison Research predicts that in 2018, six million more Americans will listen to podcasts weekly versus 2017.

The digital shift to mobile consumption, as well as newly integrated audio and video features in products like Google Home and Apple TV, have made podcasts more accessible in listeners lives.

This increase in consumption paired with accessibility has created a greater demand for podcasts to appear in medias content ecosystems. People can not only listen to podcasts on audio platforms like Apple or Spotify, they can now watch them on YouTube or even as Television programs.

Businesses and medias acceptance of podcasts have taken a slow shift within the last five years. But, they are finally catching on to the cultural wave. It could be because they dont quite understand it or don’t see how they can profit from it immediately. But thanks to platforms like Desus & Mero, Pod Save America, the Bill Simmons Podcast, and The Read, podcasts have become one of the greatest influences in our culture, shaping daily conversations and trends.

Elliott Wilson on Twitter

Elliott Wilson on Twitter

This week, the Joe Budden Podcast announced an exclusive partnership with Spotify in the same episode as addressing Nicki Minaj tweeting one of Joes texts to her. This go-to hip-hop and culture podcast receives over half a million plays per week. Yes, you heard correctly, 500,000+.

So, with all of this information, what does this all ultimately mean for the podcasting world? Will we see more companies trying to profit off of it? Will more celebrities jump into the podcast game? My answer: More than likely yes. Very much like everything in life, companys will slowly integrate into this niche culture, until they find the right cash solution.

But, right now is a golden period for podcasters, the momentum isn’t slowing down any time soon. If you are a creator or someone who wants to use their voice, podcasting is where it is at and where it has been for some time.

Episode 175 | “They’re Gonna Regret This” by The Joe Budden Podcast

On this episode, Joe, Rory and Mal begin with recapping the VMA’s (14:39). Joe highlights his issues with the awards show (17:09) and also realizes his appreciation for Travis Scott (44:08). The guys then discuss Nicki Minaj beefing with Travis Scott, Nicki potentially leaving Universal and how she has attempted to expose streaming services (55:03).

Below, The Shadow League and friends have put together a list of some of our favorite podcasts to listen to:

Andreas Hale (Sporting News Senior Editor of Combat Sports)

Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard : I have a truly unhealthy relationship with pro wrestling that dates back to my childhood, which is why “Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard” is a podcast that I sink hours into. Prichard — who worked with the WWE for two decades — and Conrad Thompson — who does an exceptional job asking questions and pulling no punches — pull back the curtain on the real stories that took place behind the scenes. Of course, it’s all from Prichard’s perspective so not everything is 100% true. However, for a wrestling nerd like myself, hearing stories about what happens behind the scenes, the booking decisions and the wild lives of pro wrestlers will never, ever get old.


Robert Littal (Founder of BlackSportsOnline)

Road Trippin: Richard vs. Channing: Gives you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the NBA.

The Stone Cold Podcast: This podcast speaks about the attitude and era of professional wrestling which is what I grew up watching.

The Corner Podcast: This podcast has a BSO alum Kel Dansby and Sporting News’ Andreas Hale. I like that one because, besides them covering fighting sports, they keep me up to date with the young music stuff. I know nothing about what’s going on with those things and beer.


Kazeem Famuyide (WWE Writer)

Bodega Boys and The Joe Budden Podcast: Outside of being stand up dudes, Twitter got wack with music commentary and those guys do it the best.

Flagrant 2: For sports podcasts, I only listen to ours.


The Shadow League’s list of dope Podcasts:

Strictly Speaking, The Joe Budden Podcast, Brutally Honest Podcast, Grass Routes Podcast, The Gary Vee Audio Experience, Pod Save America, TSL Sports Talk, Rule Breakers, Points on the Board, Keep It Podcast, The Read, Beyond Influential by Brittany Krystle, Disruptive FM, the Bill Simmons Podcast, The Right Time With Bomani Jones, Still Processing, Rap Radar and more.

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