Madden 20 Ratings Have NFL Players And Fans All Up In Their Feelings

Madden is an institution. A cultural movement that has led to titles being crowned and controllers being broken over “cheats”.

First released for the Commodore 64 and Apple II in 1988 as “John Madden Football”, the football game was a moderate success. Two years later, it was developed for Sega Genesis and became an annual franchise. But then in 1993, the title was changed to “Madden Football” and the franchise took off from there.

From cheats and the Madden cover jinx to the ever important Madden ratings, the game has become a part of pop culture history, that latter becoming both the gift and the curse for the ever popular game. Today, with the release of the “Madden 20” ratings, that became apparent from the reactions of the players across the NFL.

Yep, “Madden 20” has players all up in their feelings today, and they’re taking to Twitter to let their feelings be known. The video game disrespect is real, and the only ones more up in their emotions than the players are the fans reacting to the ratings of the players they’ll soon be selecting and playing with.

Here are the funniest reactions to the franchise’s latest rankings.






And in case you were wondering, only four players were given 99s this year, and they are Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack, DeAndre Hopkins and Bobby Wagner.