M.I.A. Departs Roc Nation

    At times it seems as if Jay Z can never lose, but apparently he just lost one.  Rapper/singer M.I.A. recently announced that she would be leaving Roc Nation via Twitter on New Year’s Ever.

    M.I.A. has been signed to Roc Nation for a year and a half. The relationship between the performer and the label came to a head this summer when Roc Nation pulled a trailer for a documentary about the release of her 2013 offering, Matangi.  Director Steve Loveridge leaked the teaser and claimed Roc Nation and Interscope were delaying the film’s production.  He immediately quit the project following a copyright claim by the labels. M.I.A. and Loveridge resumed filming the project in London with a new group of co-producers a few months later.