Lupe Rants About Violence, Art and Media

Lupe Fiasco has been all about speaking his mind lately. He last made headlines for getting kicked off stage an an Obama inauguration party. His latest rant came on Twitter, speaking about violence, art and media.

Back in September, Gerald Lowry wrote a Fan File for TSL on Lupe, saying, in addition to other things, that Lupe needed to get off his soapbox.

Somewhere between The Cool and Lasers, the dope emcee was lost and every issue posed as an opportunity for Lupe to climb onto his soapbox. Soapboxes aren’t new in hip-hop (see Public Enemy, Dead Prez, etc.) and, depending who you ask, they’re always needed in judicious doses, given the current state of affairs musically and socially. The differentiating factor here is that Chuck D,, M-1, KRS and the like have never compromised the sonic dopeness of their products.  They still recognized that they were actually making music, not just preaching to an audience.

This came through Twitter, but still dilutes Lupe's overall effectiveness. Here's what he had to say.


(h/t: XXL)

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