LSU’s Flau’jae Johnson Feels Some Type Of Way About Not Being In Latto’s ‘Put It On Da Floor Again’ Music Video With Teammate Angel Reese

LSU’s Flau’jae Johnson, the reigning SEC Freshman of the Year in women’s basketball, helped lead her team to a national title this past season and is a talented rapper. But she’s feeling some type of way about not being included in rapper Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor Again” music video. Adding some spice to the situation is Johnson’s star teammate Angel Reese was in the video.

“Latto she hit me about it, the day before,” Johnson explained to Baller Alert this week. “She was like ‘I want you to be in the video.’ I was like, ‘I’m in L.A. right now. But, yea,h we can make it happen.’ But we didn’t make it happen. Her people never hit my people. I seen she had asked Angel like a week before. And I was like, ‘OK, maybe she ain’t really want me in the video for real. But she had to ask, ’cause we kind of had a relationship before and she put Angel in it.'”

Flau’jae Is A Rapper For Real

It’s clear that Latto and Johnson know each other on some level. No doubt Latto saw or heard about Johnson’s remix of “Put It On Da Floor Again.” It went viral.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Maybe Latto didn’t like it?

But how does Johnson really feel about her teammate Reese being included and not her?

“I didn’t really care because Angel was in it and that was a big moment for women’s basketball, and at the same time, why wouldn’t you put me in it? It just makes sense. I did the remix, it went viral!” Johnson said.

Well, she might care a little.

Flau’jae Has Music In Her Blood

Johnson, who’s signed with Roc Nation, has music in her blood. Her father Jason Johnson was the late Savannah, Georgia, rapper “Camoflauge.” He was a local legend but died months before she was born.

“Just being who he was, I feel like it’s just in me. I get inspired, but it’s really in me to do great things,” Flau’jae said. “I feel like he’s who I look up to, especially in music. Cadences and flows and rhymes that I do are inspired by him. He still has a lot of inspiration on everything that I do.”

Flau’jae’s musical talent and her basketball career would have been a problem in the past. But now that college athletes can profit off NIL deals, they sky’s the limit.

“It’s a blessing to have NIL because now I can sell my music and my merch and my name, image and likeness and anything else I want to do, so it’s great,” she said. “There’s literally nothing you can’t do with NIL. You just gotta be creative.”

Reese may have gotten the shine of being in the Latto music video. But as a true rapper, Flau’jae will have tons of opportunities to shine, earn and appear on larger platforms. The Roc Nation rapper is rumored to be connecting with Lil Wayne soon on some music.

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