Lolo Jones Finds Shade From The Heat

    Lolo Jones took a lot of heat this summer at the London Olympics. This time, she put the heat on ice.

    Jones made her debut on the bobsled, and after just a few weeks of training took home the silver medal in the World Cup opener in Lake Placid, NY. Jones' track skills translate well in bobsledding, and her efforts were evident in their fast start.

    It's a little bit of reclamation for Jones after failing to take home a medal in London. Jones talked about how much fun it was to work with a team instead of relying on herself as she does in track. I'm sure the environment change made the whole experience better, too. 

    So, good for Lolo Jones. It's not a full level of redemption, but the medal is a step forward and impressive on her debut. For her full shot at glory, though, we'll have to wait 'till the hate rolls back around.