Russell Westbrook Collects His 100th Triple Double

It was just a year ago that Russell Westbrook won the NBA’s MVP award, stringing off triple-doubles like a walking laxative just dumping on the league with athleticism, ferocity and unmatched all-around skill. Joining “The Big Oas the only other player to average a triple double for a season, Westbrook continues to use his versatility to establish a legacy of statistical greatness. 

Russell Westbrook 100th Career Triple-Double 2018.3.13 OKC Thunder at Hawks – 32-12-12!| FreeDawkins

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On Tuesday night, Westbrook finished with 32 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists for his 100th career triple-double in the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 119-107 win over the Atlanta Hawks.

Russell Westbrook joins Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd with 100 triple doubles | ESPN

Late in the Oklahoma City Thunder’s win over the Atlanta Hawks, Russell Westbrook seals his 100th career triple-double, joining Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd as the only NBA player to achieve that milestone.

Oscar Robertson (181), Magic Johnson (138) and Jason Kidd (107) are the only other players in NBA history with at least 100 triple-doubles. Westbrook remains the active leader with about 50 percent more triple-doubles than LeBron and three times more than James Harden has compiled. 

According to ESPNs Keith Olbermann, since Westbrook came into the NBA, he has twice as many triple-doubles as any of the other 31 NBA franchises. Westbrooks ether gets deeper. The 2017 NBA MVP has more triple-doubles by himself than 23 NBA franchises have recorded all-time. The Knicks are one of those teams, even though they started in 1946.   

Russell Westbrook on Twitter

ALL THANKS TO THE MAN ABOVE! Extremely blessed to go out every night and do something I love. WHY NOT? #100

“The group of guys that’s ahead are Hall of Famers,” Westbrook said, according to’s Royce Young. “I’m just happy to be a part of the crew with those guys.” 

Over this decade, the Thunder have played about .600 ball when he doesnt get a triple-double and .800 when he does. It took Westbrook a while to really heat up this season as OKC incorporated two other future Hall of Famers (PG13 and Melo) into the mix. 

Royce Young on Twitter

Westbrook has more triple-doubles than 23 of the other 29 active franchises – OKC is 81-18 when he gets one (66-14 the last three seasons) – The most assisted player by Westbrook in his triple-doubles? Steven Adams, who has scored over 100 baskets more than anyone else

The team was less successful with Westbrook deferring to his new teammates. Once he started doing him, OKC started soaring. So the numbers do speak loudly in Westbrooks case. OKC does better when he does more. 

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