Lifetime Is Going In On R. Kelly’s Alleged Sexual Abuse

R. Kelly has hit another milestone, but this time it might not be the one he wants. The beleaguered crooner has been saddled with the labels of sexual abuse, misconduct and statutory rape for years, and it will now be the focus of two new projects at the Lifetime network. The projects are an investigative documentary series and a feature film focusing on the singer.

Featuring interviews from “survivors” of R. Kelly’s alleged abuse, the pair of projects reveals new claims from members of his inner circle that will reportedly “lift the veil on (his) secretive inner world,” according to a press release. The series is executive produced by acclaimed writer and author Dream Hampton.

“Some very brave black women have trusted us with their stories, their truth and their trauma,” said Hampton in a statement. “They are survivors and I’m honored to share their stories with the world.”

This announcement comes after Kelly was accused of housing and grooming women for alleged sex cults in his Atlanta and Chicago area homes. Even more recently, Lizette Martinez told BuzzFeed that she lost her virginity to Kelly when she was just 17 years old, and that he physically and sexually abused her throughout their four-year relationship in the ’90s.

Kelly has always had a sordid sexual history with young women, such as his infamous relationship with a young Aaliyah Haughton and a young woman Kelly was alleged caught urinating on in a leaked sex tape video.  

A second woman also told BuzzFeed that her 27-year old daughter, who is living with the star, is being “brainwashed” by Kelly as part of the alleged cult. 

Both the film and the docu-series will be part of Lifetime’s Stop The Violence Against Women campaign, which was initially launched in 2002.

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