Left Side: T.C. Williams’ Julius Campbell Dead At 65

Attitude reflects leadership, captain.

Remember the Titans is arguably one of the greatest football movies ever made. If you can remember the story of the T.C. Williams High School (Alexandria, Virginia) state Championship story then you should remember Julius Campbell, the team’s African-American captain portrayed in the film.

According to the Washington Post, Campbell passed away on Friday of organ failure. He was 65.

Campbell’s 1979 T.C. Williams team was the first integrated high school football team in Alexandria. The team finished undefeated, went on a run to the Virginia AAA state championship.

Former Titans coach Herman Boone, who led the team from 1971 to 1979, told The Post, “Julius was very, very instrumental on that team at simply getting kids to just talk to one another, kids who never talked to kids from another race their entire lives. By doing so, they learned many things about each other that were not passed down to them and for that, the world owes Julius a debt of gratitude.”

Campbell is survived by Cathy Campbell, his wife of 29 years, as well as his daughter, three stepdaughters, two stepsons, and five grandchildren. The family has requested donations to the ’71 Original Titans Scholarship Fund in lieu of flowers.



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