LeBron James Has A Message For Boston: Your Fans Are “Racist As F**k” | LBJ Still Hot From The Beer Poured On Him In 2012

LeBron James has a message for the city of Boston: Your basketball fans are “racist as f**k!”

“The King” took to his hit premium cable show “The Shop” to keep it accurate on his innermost thoughts on Beantown.

“Where are fans that you can play away that they can literally take the game away from you that you can feel like the fans are not going to let us win this one tonight? What places?” said Maverick Carter, co-host of “The Shop” and James’ partner in SpringHill Entertainment.

James was immediate in his response: “Boston.”

“‘Cause they racist as f**k, that’s why,” James continued. “They will say anything. And it’s fine. I mean f**k, it’s my life, f**k I’ve been dealing with it my whole life. I don’t mind it. I hear it. If I hear somebody close by, I check them real quick, then move on to the game.

“They’re going to say whatever the f**k they want to say. They might throw something on you, I mean I got a beer thrown on me leaving the game. It’s Boston.”

James was walking off the court following the Miami Heat’s 98-79 Game 6 win over the Boston Celtics at the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals.

Boston was heading into a Game 7 with a now-furious James when a fan poured a beer directly on the then-Heat star through the black mesh that covers the tunnel.

James stopped to see what hit him, and although he appeared flustered, he conituned to walk because that’s Boston. The memory of his hops-soaked walk toward the Heat locker room of TD Garden for him was unforgettable about how Massachusetts greets its competition.

However, he finished with 45 points and 15 rebounds as the Heat forced a Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics. James and the Heat eventually defeated the Celtics and won the NBA championship that year, beating the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Maverick Carter went even further, exposing the fanatical machinations of the emerald green faithful.

“It’s the only place in the NBA in America you go where they have shirts that will say like ‘F**k LeBron,’ like, whole sections,” Carter expounded.

“It was like a ‘F**k LBJ’ T-shirt; I believe they probably sold it at the f**king team shop. They sold it at the team shop; the Celtics had something to do with it,” James continued laughing after Carter mentioned the merch was sold outside the arena.

Boston is well-known for taking Celtics pride very seriously.


From the Bill Russell day to Larry Bird to Keven Garnett, the shamrock doesn’t play around with basketball. Most recently, Kyrie Irving on the Brooklyn Nets felt the wrath and gave them back a let taste of their own medicine.

Boston Celtics fans were heckling Kyrie Irving during Game 1, and he was caught on video giving them the middle finger. The Brooklyn Nets lost a heartbreaker on Sunday afternoon in Boston against the Celtics when Jayson Tatum hit a buzzer-beater to win 115-114 and take a 1-0 series lead.

Eventually, the Celtics swept the Nets, which will do nothing to correct their bad behavior. If Boston just got the memo on how James feels, they have indeed filed it under the category forget about it.

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