LeBron James Touts Ben Simmons As ‘Young King’

Looks like LeBron James is ready to anoint his own heir to his throne as NBA’s greatest player.

After last nights 108-97 loss to Philadelphia, a game where rookie Ben Simmons finished with 18 points, nine rebounds and eight assists, James sang Simmons praises, even referring to him as Young King.

“I told y’all a while back that my young King was next in line!” James wrote on Instagram. “Getting better and better every night out! Tonight another example of that.”

Simmons has exhibited some of LeBron James’ swiss army knife abilities and the two have gotten close during Simmons journey to the NBA. LeBron has acted as somewhat of a mentor to Simmons and this isn’t the first time LeBron publicly “passed” the crown to Big Ben.

Back in December, after defeating Philly for the second time this season, LeBron made a similar Instagram post about Simmons, so he’s pushing this kid to be the future face of the league with his ringing endorsement.

Keep going! Accept nothing less than being great! Anything else is not warranted. #striveforgreatness #youngking

1.2m Likes, 7,693 Comments – LeBron James (@kingjames) on Instagram: “Keep going! Accept nothing less than being great! Anything else is not warranted….”

The meeting between the NBA’s new breed Sixers and King James came at an opportune time for NBA media heads and fantasy scenario fans. With rumors swirling about King James’ potential offseason destination, billboard battles between Philly and Cavs fans to prove who desires him more and the young Sixers looking a King James short of making a championship run, James’ constant gloating over Ben Simmons just puts more intrigue into the pot and keeps the NBA in the headlines.

The Shadow League on Twitter

Complete the process? Some 76ers fans want LeBron to head to Philly. (: @darrenrovell)

Joel Embiid didn’t miss out on the opportunity to hype up Philly’s pursuit of James.

Joel Embiid on Twitter

Trust The Process??? Always a great time playing against one of the best to ever play the game #summer2018goals

Add in the constant love affair and mutual adulation between James, Simmons and #trusttheprocess and at the very least Philly fans can get excited about the far fetched possibility of seeing LeBron in a Sixers uniform in the future.

Would King James ever play in Philly? Most NBA minds say, “Heck No.” But is sure is fun watching #theprocess play out.

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