Lamar Jackson’s Critics Won’t Shut Up

News outlets are still reporting on wacky things that unnamed league sources say about former Heisman-winning QB Lamar Jackson out of Louisville. I thought we had straightened out the fact that by all accounts, he was going to be a first-round pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft, with possible landing spots including the Arizona Cardinals (No. 15), Buffalo Bills (No. 22) or New England Patriots (No. 23).

Unfortunately, Jackson still has some haters out there trying to knock his hustle under the protection of anonymity. An unnamed NFL offensive coordinator said Jackson — the future of the funk— won’t stick at the position throughout his NFL career.

On Tuesday, Tom Pelissero of passed along comments from coaches and scouts about the top QB prospects, and one was quick to throw shade on Jackson’s potential as a passer.

“He’s an awesome athlete. He will not be able to play (quarterback) in this leaguemark my words,” the offensive coordinator said. “When he throws, he hopes.”

Now thats just unnecessary shade. The fact that it was reported is shade too. Enough experts have raved about Jacksons potential as an NFL QB that one unnamed source’s nonsense shouldn’t even be publicized. 

Seems as if some “experts” still want to rain on Jacksons draft parade by throwing unfair and unjustified criticisms of the African-American quarterback into the social media mill. A few months ago, ESPN analyst and former NFL GM Bill Polian suggested that Jackson’s skill set and his supposed passing and alleged height deficiencies would be better suited for the wide receiver position at the next level. 

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Bill Polian on Lamar Jackson: “I think he’s a wide receiver and a dynamic wide receiver.” Us once again:

Most people with any knowledge of football called Bill Polian’s comments absurd and agree that Jackson is probably the most talented player on the draft board and with the right coaching, system he could excel at the next level. 

The 21-year-old Jackson is not in an unfamiliar position to many African-American prospects over the years. 

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Lamar Jackson is dealing with the same tired analysis that other QBs have experienced:

Just last season National Champ Clemson’s DeShaun Watson was picked after two other quarterbacks whose names I cant even remember right now. His devalued draft position had a lot to do with the same kind of criticism and unwarranted knocks that Jackson is currently experiencing. 

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Deshaun Watson put on the burners! #HOUvsCIN

Before he got hurt Watson was playing at a superstar level for the Houston Texans and making every GM who overlooked him appear to be idiots. At the end of the day, Jackson just has to do the same. 

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