Kobe Rejected: The Oscar Winner Is Barred Entry Into Film Academy

Kobe Bryant‘s basketball mastery and artistry has few equals. In retirement, he continues to break new  ground and create art that captivates people, touches lives and will last forever as he recently become an Oscar winner for his and director Glen Keanes animated short film, Dear Basketball.

Bryant will eventually become a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, but at this time, he wont be granted entry into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Individuals who win an Academy Award or are nominated for one are often considered for inclusion into the distinguished film organization, which numbers more than 8,000 members.

After the success of his short film, Bryant was considered as well, and the Academys Short Films and Feature Animation branch actually voted to admit him in.

However, in a strange twist of evenst, the Academys governors committee overruled the decision and rescinded the invitation.

The committee felt the Los Angeles Lakers legend needed to show continued commitment and a larger body of career works in short films before being allowed to represent it as a member of the organization, which is odd considering The Academy has been accused of lowering standards to accept unqualified big names in recent years.

It appears that including Kobe this year was just lowering the bar too much, but some people feel that in light of the recent momentum of the Me Too movement and Kobes 2003 legal matters, accepting him into the branch would incite a backlash.

Last year, in the thick of Oscar season, more than 17,000 individuals signed a petition demanding that Bryant be stripped of his Dear Basketball Oscar nomination on the grounds of his 2003 case. That case was dropped after Bryants accuser refused to testify, and he later settled a civil suit out of court.

Bryant and Keane ultimately won the prize. According to Yahoo, opinionated columnists called the occasion everything from a controversy to a tragedy.

The final list of those admitted into the Academy will be unveiled on Monday.

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