Kobe Bryant Opens The Mind Of The Mamba To Isaiah Thomas

After a stellar, breakout 2017 NBA regular season, Isaiah Thomas has elevated his game to another level. His 53-point, Game 2 explosion in the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Washington Wizards was the second-highest total in Celtics playoff history. Most people, including Thomas, credited the death of his sister with providing an almost supernatural wind beneath his wings throughout these playoffs.

We recently found out that theres another driving force behind Thomas overall improved play. Kobe Bryant has taken him under his wing and tutored the 5-foot-8, dynamic guard on the intricacies of the game and has shared the Mind of The Mamba with all of its vast basketball and historical knowledge and incomparable game intelligence with Thomas, who has become the playoffs No. 1 force.

The Washington Wizards are already at a disadvantage being down 2-0 in the Eastern Conference semfinals and having to play against Thomas and the angel on his shoulder. Now they have to deal with a growing legion of Hall of Famers offering him jewels, encouragement and the strength to pull off the impossible.

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