Kobe Bet Kevin Ware He’d Come Back Before Him

Kobe Bryant and University of Louisville guard Kevin Ware have a lot in common when it comes to bad injuries on the court. Kobe sympathized a lot with Ware and felt it was right to make a bet with him to see who can come back the quickest from the surgery. According to a recent interview with Jeff Goodman of ESPN, the wager might have been his motivation.

“We actually made a bet, whoever comes back first has got to come to each other’s game, so I got to get in touch with him again so he can make it to a game,” said Ware.

Kobe likes to challenge people, including himself, so this is no surprise that he made a friendly wager with college basketball’s comeback kid. The wager probably gave Ware added motivation to go through his rehab and come back stronger. All we know now is Kobe has to take time out his schedule to see Ware play a game.



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