Killer Mike Learns The Hard Way Why You Should Never Come For Joy Reid

Rapper and activist Killer Mike has come under fire the past few weeks for his questionable decision to appear in a video for the NRA, an organization that has become a propaganda arm for the U.S. white conservative moment that stayed silent when black man Philando Castile was killed by a cop despite lawfully carrying a firearm.

Well, the Bernie Sanders spokesperson tried to come at MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid and well, it did not go well.

Astead on Twitter

Lol: Killer Mike tried to shame Joy Ann Reid for wearing H&M but didnt understand she was not referring to the clothing store but actually “hair & makeup.

Reid took a picture with two women and was shouting them out for doing her H&M (hair and makeup) for a shoot. Killer Mike thought the H&M meant the clothing giant which came under fire for their problematic “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” sweatshirt that they put on black kid for a photoshoot and placed on their website to market it. He decided to jump in her IG comments.

Well, Reid took him to task for his misinformed remarks.

After explaining what she meant by “H&M,” Reid put the cherry on top of the sonning sundae. “And here I was thinking you were an intellectual and not just the guy who hangs out in the sunken place talking guns with the NRA’s official black guy who literally changed his name to ‘black.'”

Even though Killer Mike not only apologized but reportedly spoke to Joy Reid’s producer to coordinate a potential on-air Black gun ownership debate.

Killer Mike on Twitter

So egg on my face and all I’m happy that the convo on #BlackGunOwnerShip will happen. Thank u @JoyAnnReid for “getting me together” on H&M and making sure this important convo can be had on an acceptable platform.


But for argument’s sake, let’s hope Mike comes correct next time.

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