Kevin Ware’s Injury Has Happened Before…On Football Fields

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Louisville made it to the Final Four in Atlanta, getting past Duke in the Elite Eight, but Kevin Ware's excruciating injury will be what sticks with people forever. It was shocking to watch, and Twitter reported Louisville vomited behind the bench after witnessing Wade's leg crumble. It was unlike any injury that has ever occurred in basketball, his leg and angle completely broken on a raised stage during March Madness.

But, if you're a glutton for punishment, here's a selection of from some of the worst injuries in sports history. This post, as you know now, is not for the faint of heart…

Marcus Lattimore's knee injury against Tennessee was brutal. His knee turned completely the wrong way. Luckily, Lattimore is recovering well and worked out at South Carolina's Pro Day.


Johnny Knox was bent backwards by Anthony Hargove in 2010. Knox hasn't been back on the football field since.


Tyrone Prothro shattered his leg during his junior season at Alabama. The promising career of a young wide receiver ended instantly. 


Lawrence Taylor's career-ending hit against Joe Theismann is still difficult to watch all these years later. 


Of course, the crack team at Outside The Lines has me completely outdone. They compiled the top ten worst sports injuries. Go ahead, if you must.

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