Kevin Ware Is Becoming 2013’s Eric LeGrand

Once Kevin Ware's foot gets out of that heavy duty cast, he'll face significant physical challenges rehabilitating the muscles in his leg. Psychologically, he'll face some apprehension the first time he jumps for the first time. In the meantime, he'll become an Eric LeGrand-like inspirational figure in college athletics. After making a routine tackle, former Rutgers lineman Eric LeGrand was carted off the field and later learned he had been paralyzed from the neck down. In the three years since his injury, LeGrand's rehabilitation and positive (anti-Mike Rice) disposition in the face of a bleak diagnosis, have transformed him from a no-name collegiate player into something of a pop culture celebrity.
Ware's injury isn't as serious long-term as LeGrand's, but the grotesque sight of bone bursting through his shin, as his ankle dangled at a 90 degree angle, was the most horrific injury Americans have witnessed at a national sporting event in at least generation. Unlike LeGrand, Ware may play again, but when he returns to the court, his recovery will transcend college basketball. Ware began his media rounds with an interview with ESPN's Rece Davis. The most sobering moment of the interview came when he explained to Davis, that if he hadn't implored his team to focus and win the game, they would have been unable to recover mentally.
In the afternoon, Ware and head coach Rick Pitino faced the media during a joint press conference. Despite being a self-professed introvert, his media tour likely isn't over. Unfortunately, he won't be able to profit from any future media appearances.


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