Kenyon Martin Doesn’t Think The Clippers Can Put A Ring On It

The Los Angeles Clippers are a chick you meet at a bar. She's fine as all hell, says she's in school trying to get her degree and the two of you get along real well. However, the more you begin to kick it with her, you begin to realize shawty wears a pound of makeup, she's a senior for the sixth semester in a row and while you two are still clickin', her two baby daddies keep blowin' up her phone. She's cool for a minute, but soon you realize, you're only coming around to take her kids to play ball. She's not wifey material and she's definitely not getting a ring from you.

The Clippers are that squad. They make all the sexy plays during the regular season but in the postseason, they seem destined to come up short. Chris Paul is the only reason you keep your hopes up and keep coming back for more.

New York Knicks center Kenyon Martin told ESPN LA's Arash Arkazi that he agreed with that sentiment.

    “They can’t do it in the playoffs, so it doesn’t matter,” Martin said. “Regular season, it’s all up-and-down. We know how the game goes in the regular season.”      Martin didn’t want to elaborate, adding only, “I don’t care what they do, to be honest with you. I hope they lose every game.”

K-Mart has a solid point, but the fact that he's broadcasting these feelings while the Knicks once-promising season circles the drain, dragging the hopes of Knicks fans with him, is a little ironic. It should also be noted that the Clippers defeated the Knicks and their live by the three offense on Saturday. Despite making two NBA Finals appearances, Martin doesn't have a ring either. The Clips have improved from last season and are no longer the league laughingstock, but they still aren't putting a ring on it this June.  Hell, they may not even survive the first round if they end up securing a seed lower than third.

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