Kentucky Started From The Top, Now They’re Here

Kentucky started the season as one of the top three teams in most Top 25 polls, but dropped the ball in epic fashion by missing the NCAA Tournament. On Tuesday night, Robert Morris deflated their backup ball and beat them over the head with it. It's been rough for Kentucky since Nerlen Noel tore his ACL, but the bottom fell out on their season during the final play of their season against the previously inconsequential Robert Morris Colonials.

Their loss to the Colonials was David beating Goliath after getting dumped by his girl and losing his home in the market crash. The life of John Calipari is an Isley Brothers' nightmare right now. In addition to last night's devastating loss, Louisville is preparing to host a first-round tourney matchup in Rupp Arena. Kentucky fans can already hear Pitino's Louisville fanbase creepin' on their homecourt while they sit at home watching them smear fried chicken grease all over the upholstery. Drake is probably fuming right now.

Worst of all, America loves to witness a fall from grace.

It's not all bad for Kentucky; a few of these freshmen, as well as sophomores Ryan Harrow and Kyle Wiltjer, will likely return for another season and join forces with one of the greatest recruiting classes in college hoops history.

You can't knock Calipari's hustle, though. He's already on the recruiting trail for 2014.

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