Keenan Thompson Spoofs David Ortiz and Al Sharpton on SNL

“Samsung phones. You like Sam? You should meet his son." This line sounded funnier than it reads coming out the mouth of Keenan Thompson who was on fire this weekend spoofing Rev. Al Sharpton and David Ortiz on Saturday Night Live. First, he took to “Weekend Update” as Ortiz, explaining the snafu with the selfie and his perspective on meeting President Obama. Full of Dominican twang and food references, with lines like, "Samsung phones. Giant ass phones. Is that a television or a phone?” Keenan cracked up the crowd and likely made a few Dominicans angry as he spoofed Ortiz and the entire Dominican culture. Check the video:

And then, toward the end of the show, he padded a fat suit, wore a perm wig and a gaudy gold chain medallion to make fun of Al Sharpton’s recent headlines revealing he wore a wire to take down the mafia. Acting like a rookie, talking loud, dropping last names of mob members, the skit named “Undercover Sharpton,” featured Al walking into a bar ready to do his best snitch duty. Hilarious. We had to share the video. Look…

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