KAT FIGHT: Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns Bring ’88 Back

Sixers star Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns had an old school NBA scuffle on Wednesday night which resulted in both players getting ejected in the third quarter of a Philly win. 

The two big men got tangled up under the basket at the opposite end of the floor from where a fast break was in process and it was on like popcorn. A phantom punch was thrown and grappling ensued with the men eventually taking it to the floor as both benches emptied. 

It wasn’t Kareem Abdul Jabar’s straight KO of Kent Benson that resulted in a broken hand. 

It did have a touch of the classic Barkley vs. Shaq mix up in ‘99. 

One of the highlights of the fight was Ben Simmons coming in and basically putting Towns in a cobra clutch, face down on the ground to constrain him. 

After the mini-brawl Embiid played to the crowd, flailing his hands, smiling jubilantly and giving daps as he exited the arena. The fans loved it, announcers loved it and social media couldn’t hide its excitement. NBA players have gotten real buddy-buddy in recent years and we just don’t get to see the old school, bad blood fisticuffs too often. 

If Embiid left it at that it would have been a classic moment. The Twitter war that followed however removed most of the gangster appeal from the situation. 

Embiid couldn’t leave it alone. He had to go on Twitter and disparage Towns, even more, referring to him as a “pussy” and referring to himself as a “lion.”

It could have stopped at this first Tweet, but Embiid had to double up for the people in the back. 

He kind of turned a raw, authentic, rarely unscripted NBA emotional moment into a movie performance and overextension of bravado. 

Almost nailed it, but the social media mosh pit claims another ego-indulged victim. 

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