Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Flexes Writing Chops For “Veronica Mars” Reboot

    NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has just added another notch on his career belt as he has been announced as a writer for Rob Thomas Veronica Mars reboot.

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    Basketball legend #KareemAbdulJabbar tapped for writing staff of ‘Veronica Mars’ revival https://t.co/WPXYJ78NVY

    This isnt the first time the former athlete, turned part-time actor and writer, showed off his pen skills. Jabbar has written a few books of nonfiction, one of which he adapted into a documentary in 2011 and not to mention a column in The Hollywood Reporter where he penned an essay on the racial politics in Damien Chazelles musical film La La Land.

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    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar enjoyed #LaLaLand, but he thinks it “sends a bigoted message” about race https://t.co/YFdFca3tQt

    Thomas and Jabbar collaborated together before when Jabbar played a small role in the CW series iZombie, also created by Thomas.

    Veronica Mars was a UPN series that followed a young teen played by actress Kristen Bell, who moonlighted as a private investigator after the death of her best friend.The show is set to return to Hulu for a limited return run. 

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