Jordan Victim of Country Club Arrogance

Michael Jordan recently wore out his welcome at La Gorce Country Club in Florida because he wore cargo shorts while playing his round. I must admit that at first hearing this news, as a style aficionado who feels that MJ is in desperate need of some good fashion advice, I was ready to go in on Your Airness but soon realized that I was just mad at him for all of his previous fashion wrongdoings.
This brought back to mind a time I played Baltusrol with two members, showered after the round and came to the dining room to join them for lunch in a nice button up shirt, A fresh pair of Gucci loafers and dark jeans. As I approached my member friends already seated, they looked at me like I had a third eye on my forehead and gave me the kill sign as they politely told me I couldn't wear jeans at Balty. I respectfully went back to the locker room and changed.

For those unaware of some of the private country club points of contention, they generally have strong rules against cell phone usage, untucked shirts, backwards caps and yes sometimes cargo shorts. However, according to Golf Digest, cargo shorts are allowed at over 50 percent of private clubs. So in comparison it would be like a police officer issuing a ticket for doing 64 in a 55mph zone. I know it's an infraction but what jerk of a police officer gives you a ticket for that?

And in this case revokes your license. GTFOH.

In reading about the incident it was reported that MJ was confronted about his cargo shorts on the 12th hole. If his cargo shorts were offensive he should have been addressed before the round by the member he was with or approached by the La Gorce staff before starting his round or after completing it.

I've never played La Gorce but some of my former NBA player friends like Alonzo Mourning have been guests and Greg Anthony is a member there and I hear it is a nice place to play. I have also been on the course with Michael Jordan (Isleworth) and I know he plays well and fast. He doesn't win my best dressed contest, but most importantly he loves and respects the game and that's what golf needs in order to grow and attract young people.

La Gorce and many other clubs need to develop a more welcoming attitude that makes people feel comfortable in the golf environment.
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